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The record search screen shows, on the right, two columns of "thumbnail" pictures of up to 50 records which satisfy the currently selected criteria. When first loaded these will be the most recent records which have been added to the Cloud. These can be accessed individually simply by clicking on the relevant thumbnail image.

On the left appear a series of criteria that can be used to narrow down the selection of records. Whenever any of these criteria are changed, the set of records displayed on the right (up to a maximum of fifty) will be those records on the Cloud which fall into the selected criteria.

Narrowing the selection

Each of the criterion buttons, "period", "transport" etc, when clicked, shows a selection of options under that criterion. As you click on one of these options, the records displayed on the right are selected to be only those which include the options selected. More than one option can be selected within a particular criterion — these act as "OR" tests — i.e. if "rail" and "road" were selected under transport then all records identified as "road" or "rail" will be selected. Options can be selected in different criteria, and these will then act as "AND" tests — if "rail" inside "transport" and "1870-1900" inside "Period" are selected then only records both about railways and in the 1870-1900 period will be selected.

Each criterion defaults to "all" — i.e. they have no effect on the selection unless options within them are specifically set.

Each of the options within a criterion can be clicked "on" or "off".

Each criterion button shows the option currently selected (if any) — if more than one has been selected then just the number of options currently selected in that criterion is shown.

The other main method of selection is to enter a search word in the very top field on the left — only records with that word in the title will then be shown.

Finally there is a record type selection which can also be used, which defaults to "any" .

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