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Every record or part record display includes a "submit comment" link. This is to enter further information about the record — e.g. names of people where these are "not known" or perhaps descriptive or historical details.

When the "submit comment" button is clicked a form appears which allows the comment to be entered. The form also has spaces for name and e-mail address, which are mandatory. At the bottom is the usual security letter pattern which must be entered (this is purely to stop the site being overwhelmed with automatically created "spam").
The "send" button should then be clicked.

If any of the checks fail a message will appear indicating the error, otherwise an acknowledgement message will appear.

The submitted comment will reach a member of the History Society, who will consider, edit (if necessary) and add the comment to the record so that it appears whenever that record is accessed in the future. If the e-mail address has been included then they will be able to get back to the person submitting the comment if necessary.

This process may take a few days.

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